More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Author attractive PDF presentations

If you create presentations, you probably use a dedicated tool, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Even though such tools do have their strengths, if you already have FrameMaker and Acrobat, there may be advantages to creating your presentation in PDF format, such as:

  • Using tools you are familiar with and which have much stronger formatting and single-sourcing capabilities
  • PDF files are portable and self-contained, and can include fonts, graphics, video/audio (with Acrobat/Reader 9, SWF/FLV media can be played internally; no need to rely on external players being present in end-user systems)
  • File size of PDFs is typically much smaller than dedicated presentation formats
  • Security settings (optional) can limit printing, changing the PDF, content copying etc.
  • PDF files can be viewed with free cross-platform readers.

When you create a PDF presentation from FrameMaker files, you can create a visually stimulating result while benefiting from:

  • Taking advantage of many FrameMaker features, such as cross-references, conditional text, tables, variables, text insets (re-using practically all items you already have in your files)
  • Single sourcing or easily re-purposing content you already have in existing FrameMaker files
  • Producing a hand-out copy by printing from FrameMaker using the Thumbnails print setting (specifying a number of pages to be printed on a single page); slide background can be specified as a display only, non-printing layer
  • Incorporating navigational buttons (which could also be off-page)
  • Linking to external documents (such as topics in the tutorial/user guide PDFs).

Using FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers and the Presentation Assistant, you can:

  • Specify page transitions (slightly different background images/colors are essential for effective transitions)
  • Set the slide background (JPEG image) as a non-printing layer
  • Add references (to manuals, movies, sound files or web locations) in source FrameMaker files (so that you can link to them automatically from the PDF)
  • Specify full-screen mode (hiding all user interface items, such as menus, toolbars); optional progress bar can indicate current location or used interactively
  • Optionally specify default timing for a self-running presentation
  • Include notes to attach brief comments to specific slides, displayed on demand.