More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Set specific cross-PDF links to open a new window

Specific cross-file links can open target PDFs in a separate window, which can be closed easily without affecting the current document or location (overriding the "Open Cross-Document Links in Same Window" local preference). With TimeSavers, you can apply this NewWindow property selectively through custom hypertext markers, or you can indicate that all your existing cross-file cross-references and hypertext goto/open links open a new Acrobat window (Links/General tab, Cross-file links: Open PDF in new window).

Example (zip file, 86K, includes PDFs and source .fm files; not applicable when the PDF is displayed in a web browser)

Acrobat's "new window" property for links applies only to PDFs in Acrobat/Reader. With TimeSavers 5.0, this can be applied automatically to all web links (Links/General tab, Cross-file links: Open PDF in new window; Also apply to web links) -- without having to modify anything in the FrameMaker file -- so that web-based links will display in a new browser window. You may also apply this property to individual links, by using a special hypertext marker instead of the standard "message URL http://..." marker.