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FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers

TimeSavers settings dialog box (move cursor over tabs)

FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers, version 5.7: Single license: US$200
(Compatible with FrameMaker 6 or higher, Acrobat 5 or higher; upgrade from previous TimeSavers versions: $85)

  • How can I purchase TimeSavers/Assistants? Order Form (Fillable PDF: 200K; use the Tab key or mouse to access the different fields).
    Please send the order form and pay via PayPal.
    Note: software is delivered by e-mail (zip attachment).

  • To schedule a free web session to discuss features or demonstrate workflows, please write to:

  • TimeSavers Shortcuts (PDF: 185K / 7 pages)

"I love these PDF enhancements. Our customers' first impression of ourproduct is our PDF documentation and we like the PDFs to look verysharp." --George N. Lawrence, Applied Optics Research

"TimeSavers does just that - save time. Prior to purchasing TimeSavers with Multimedia Assistant, we were linking to videos within each PDF and would have to re-link every time a new PDF was created; a very tedious method. TimeSavers with Multimedia Assistant has greatly improved our processes as we only have to add the link once, within FrameMaker! And, we couldn't be happier with Shlomo's services! He truly provides world-class customer service, you won't be disappointed!" -- Megan Rood, Technical Writer

"... You wouldn't believe the kudos we've received from our clients about our documentation because of some of the features we've been able to implement using the TimeSavers!" -- Cheryl Murphy, Fiserv/Galaxy Plus Inc., Troy, Michigan

"I've been using your TimeSavers on a daily basis for nearly three years now and would be hard pressed to get along without it. Thanks again for a wonderful product and unparalleled service!" -- Michael Pearson, Kinetics Global Products Group, Tempe, Arizona

"... I regard the TimeSavers as an essential component. My advice to any organization that has FrameMaker and Acrobat would be, to get -- and learn how to use -- the TimeSavers. And the best way to learn is to attend one of Shlomo's excellent seminars." -- Peter Harrison, Renaissance Partners Ltd., Hampshire, England

"... I have been working with your TimeSavers for several weeks now and it is a great help. It has opened my eyes to a bunch of possibilities that I didn't know even existed. Thanks for making your expertise available to us through this means, and at such a reasonable price." -- Victor Mote, Portage Publications, Colorado Springs

"The TimeSavers allow me to provide my clients with highly sophisticated PDF solutions from source FrameMaker documents..." -- Mark Poston, Electronic Publishing Consultant, Mekon Ltd. eContent Solutions, Wallington, Surrey, England