More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Set the initial view when your PDF is opened

The way your PDF is displayed when your readers first contributes significantly to their first impression, with settings such as page layout (single page or continuous), magnification, title bar display of file name vs. document title, default opening page (page number or named destination), user interface options and more.

With TimeSavers (PDF Settings tab), you can control all initial view settings for all PDFs being distilled, consistently and automatically. These TimeSavers default settings can be overridden in specific files through hypertext markers.

Recommended initial view settings are highly specific to the project, target audience and intended use. For example:

  • Continuous mode is essential when you want links and bookmarks to scroll the page so that the target location is automatically placed at the top/left corner of window (rather than just taking you to the destination page). This may be highly useful when you have links in index pages -- in a single page mode you will be taken to the page when clicking, but you may need to do some exploration to find the specific target.
  • "Fit Page in Window" may be necessary when you want to make sure that navigational buttons placed at the bottom of the page will be displayed when the PDF is opened, or when the opening page has the title/identifying information at the bottom of the page.
  • A 100% zoom is desirable to display screen captures with no distortion (when the graphics was integrated in FrameMaker using 96 dpi resolution; adjust the zoom level accordingly with other dpi settings).

Some users are highly familiar with Acrobat and may adjust some of these settings themselves (without saving, if they use Adobe Reader). But most end users are unaware of the fact that they can control these settings. So for the majority of users, do we want to determine how our PDFs will behave and look, or do we allow Adobe Acrobat's factory-default settings to do this for us, and not have control over the result?