More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Control the document title effectively (and display it in the title bar)

A PDF document title is essential because it can be displayed in the title bar instead of the file name, thus helping to identify the PDF file. The title is also displayed in Acrobat's Search Results list and when PDFs are listed in web searches.

In FrameMaker 7 or later, the document title can be set through File > File Info, along with the Author, Subject and Keyword fields (in FM6: PDF Setup, Document Info tab). However, FrameMaker's DocInfo values are reset when importing formats from other documents with the Document Properties category turned on so your settings can easily be lost (except in FM7.1; support for the CopyFileInfoOnImport= maker.ini entry, controlling this behavior, was added to FM7.2 and later versions).

With TimeSavers, the title can be also be automatically populated from the top bookmark.

Setting a title is not enough. By default, Acrobat displays the file name in the title bar. You can set the title to be displayed in the title bar through Document Properties, Initial View (Window Options group), but this has to be carried out in Acrobat for each PDF (and repeated when the PDF is recreated). With TimeSavers, you can set a default initial view setting of "Show document title in title bar" for all PDFs being distilled (along with other default initial viewing settings).