Special Characters Not Displayed Properly in Bookmarks - Acrobat/Reader 4.0x-5.0

Affects: FrameMaker / FrameMaker+SGML, all platforms


FrameMaker transfers various special characters to the bookmark text, but Acrobat/Acrobat Reader do not support them. Regardless of the Acrobat Distiller version used to distill the file, unsupported characters are shown as a space or ignored when viewing the PDF with versions 3 & 4 of Acrobat/Reader, or displayed as boxes in Acrobat/Reader 5.0.

Characters affected include non-breaking, figure, en, em & thin spaces; non-breaking hyphens; suppress hyphen characters and discretionary hyphens.

Bookmark text is displayed correctly in Acrobat/Reader 5.0.5.


Manually edit the bookmark text in Acrobat.

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Reported by: Shlomo Perets

Date Reported to Adobe:

Version 1.1, August 12, 2002