Incorrect Running Header/Footer (Structured FM)

Affects: FMSGML6, Structured FM7.0


Inspect sample file. Notice that on page 5-4 the Running H/F says "Arizona" instead of "Nevada." Obviously, since section 5.4 is Nevada and the table on page 5-4 is within the Nevada section, the Running header should read "Nevada," not "Arizona." But it doesn't.


1. Make sure a paragraph outside of a table within section 5.4 appears on page 4.

2. Make sure one or more paragraphs from section 5.2 appears on page 5-3 (so "Arizona" is not the first paragraph at the top of page 5-3).

3. Change the definition of the Running H/F 1 variable to pick up the paragraph tag (CB2.H2) rather than the element context (Heading(2)).

Obviously, solutions 1 and 2 call for changing the content or flow of the chapter, which isn't really feasible in a large project. Solution 3 is the obvious choice, but it does limit the usefulness of element-based Running H/F variables when you can't trust them to display the correct header in all cases.

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Submitted by: Evan Olson

Date Reported to Adobe: NA

Version 1.0, November 12, 2002