Removing a single condition does not work as expected

Affects: FrameMaker 6.0 / 7.0


When selecting an area with multiple condition settings, removing a single condition (through Special > Conditional Text or the Ctrl-5 shortcut ) does not work as expected.

To duplicate the problem:
- Create a document and add a few conditional text types
- Type a few words or more
- Make part of the text you just typed conditional (any condition)
- Select all of the text. Press Ctrl-5 to remove the condition.
- Frame asks you to delete the text or make it unconditional. Choose Make Unconditional.

Result: Every single condition except the one you removed is applied to all or portions of the selected text.


N/A -- don't select an area with multiple condition settings when removing a condition.

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Reported by: Barbara Herbert

Version 1.0, September 17, 2002