Reference Page Not Updating

Affects: FrameMaker 5.5.x and later versions, Windows


When two (or more) documents have reference page frames that are named the same but have different content, and those frames are associated with paragraph tags (with Frame above/below), the reference page won't "update" (refresh?) as you switch between documents (while viewing body pages) in a FrameMaker session. [This may be seen as an odd scenario, but imagine you are experimenting with how to do something on a reference page, and you end up with several documents that are essentially the same but with different images in the reference page frames.]

To recreate:

  1. Take a document that has a reference page with some graphics on it. There must also be a paragraph tag that uses the reference page graphic in a frame above or below. This is document A.
  2. Do a Save As and give it a different file name. This is document B.
  3. Go to the reference page of document B and somehow change the content of the reference frame in a noticeable way. Switch back to the body page and make sure you have some text tagged with the paragraph that uses the graphic.
  4. Open document A and scroll so that you can see the graphic on the body pages.
  5. Switch back and forth from B to A to B, etc. using Ctrl+F6 or by selecting from the Windows menu. The graphic from the reference page does not update.


If you are looking at the document that is displaying incorrectly and you go to the reference page and back to the body page, it will update properly. But now, when you switch to the other document, you'll be seeing the wrong thing again.

Available Fix:


Additional Info:

Reported by: Penelope Perkins

Date Reported to Adobe: N/A

Version 1.0, August 28, 2003