FrameMaker crashes when directly printing a file with ObjectId hypertext markers

Affects: FrameMaker / FrameMaker+SGML 5.5.6, all platforms


FrameMaker 5.5.6 "quits abnormally" when printing a generated list (TOC/LOF/LOT etc) with Generate Acrobat Data turned on if the hypertext markers automatically created by FrameMaker are of the gotoObjectId/openObjectID type (which is the default). Error: 5564, 5991365, 7502299, 0

The Save as PDF function is equally affected.

The problem has do to with the marker when the file is printed directly with Acrobat data, and not with the TOC file or generated list. Copying and pasting such markers to other documents, or importing the TOC by reference, and then printing with Acrobat Data will cause the same crash.

Note: In generated indexes, the gotoObjectId/openObjectID marker uses a different access mode, and thus it does not cause a similar problem.


1. Print the file from a book, and not directly

Possible side effect: When printing from a book, file path is truncated, and if the book includes chapters in different folders, and the same directory tree is used on a distribution CD / intranet, you'll have bad links.

2. Change the automatically-created marker type

Edit the reference page of the generated list, and change the first line in the TOC, LOT or LOF specification from:

openObjectId <$relfilename>:<$ObjectType> <$ObjectId>


gotopage <$relfilename>:<$pagenum>

For practical purposes, end results will be the same; FrameMaker will not have problems when printing the files.

Possible side effect: If your chapters are set to be displayed at magnifications where only a portion of the page is shown, when clicking the TOC entry in the PDF the top part corresponding page will be displayed; if the target heading falls at the bottom of a page, the end user will need to scroll down to see it.

Available Fix:

Upgrade to FrameMaker 6.0.

Additional Info:

Adobe TN: FrameMaker 5.5.x Crashes When Printing or Saving as PDF (inaccurate)


Reported by: Shlomo Perets

Date Reported to Adobe: (legacy)

Version 1.0, March 21, 2000