Last Paragraph Duplicate Link

Affects: FrameMaker / FrameMaker+SGML 5.0 - 5.5.6, all platforms


When there is a hypertext command in the last paragraph on a page, and the active area created by the hypertext command extends to the whole paragraph (i.e. no local character attributes are applied to portions of the paragraph and/or no other hypertext commands or cross-references are present in that paragraph), that hypertext command is duplicated - most likely on the next page, on the same location.

If the paragraph containing the hypertext marker spans more than one page, links are duplicated in both pages (sometimes you even get two additional copies – an extra one on the current page and another on the next page).

Even though this phenomenon is mostly seen in the context of generated files, such as TOCs – it is general in nature, and can be easily reproduced in any FrameMaker file.


Constrain the active area so that it does not occupy the entire paragraph area.

If you are inserting hypertext commands manually, limit the active area by applying a unique character attribute to the portion of the paragraph containing the hypertext marker.

In a generated file where the hypertext commands are automatically-created, edit the specification flows on the reference page to achieve a similar effect (an active area which does not extend to the end of paragraph).

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Additional Info:

Fixed in FrameMaker 6.0.

Reported by: Shlomo Perets

Date Reported to Adobe: (legacy)

Version 1.1, July 21, 2000