More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Automatically create next/previous topic links

In layouts where there is one topic per page, the standard next/previous page links/buttons also serve to access the next/previous topic. However, when there are free flowing, multiple items which are not related to page breaks (such as FAQ lists, databases of case studies or troubleshooting info), a separate topic-based mechanism may be useful for navigation.

Allowing quick jumps from one topic to the next or previous topics does not necessarily replace common navigation mechanisms (table of contents, index, bookmarks), but provides an additional browsing mode: skipping from one case to the next, seeing the heading as well as briefly inspecting the contents below the heading.

With TimeSavers + Navigation Assistant, the topic navigation function automatically inserts NextTopic/Previous Topic buttons for designated headings. The selected headings are chain-linked throughout the PDF file, without necessitating manual coding or definition for each link. When a topic is moved (or removed), the link sequence is automatically updated. You can also have a Home button leading back to the beginning of the PDF.