More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Set up effective cross-document navigation

With PDFs to be used online, it is generally recommended to construct a publication as a set of multiple chapters (inter-linked PDFs), each with its own unique Title, Subject and Keywords fields, instead of a single-file PDF.

Benefits of multiple chapters include:

  • The Search Results window displays the titles of matching documents, with their relevancy ranking; keywords can be assigned to individual chapters, rather than to the entire book. This is much more effective than searching a single PDF.
  • The title bar reflects the chapter title, assisting orientation as to the current location.
  • Multiple chapters can be opened simultaneously, each in a separate window.
  • Faster access when used on the web.

Often, PDF producers resort to the single PDF approach due to the extra work related to interactive features involved with multiple PDFs. SP Navigation Assistant was created to minimize this extra work, enabling you to include the navigation features once in your FrameMaker files so that they are automatically present in the resulting PDFs.

With TimeSavers + Navigation Assistant, you can define smart cross-file features which "know" what are the next and previous file in your project, what files are first and last:

  • Next/previous file buttons
  • Next/previous page buttons that take the reader across files when at the last/first page in a file
  • Bookmarks to all other PDFs participating in your project

Cross-file tabs can be used to provide quick-access to key PDFs included in your document collection. You can also create dynamic document maps, showing all PDFs included in a PDF collection as boxes, with additional relationship and grouping information. The currently-viewed PDF is highlighted, providing a "You are here" indication; all other boxes are linked to the corresponding PDFs. The box structure can also be placed directly on a body page. Alternatively, to facilitate automatic updates from a single definition, the box structure can be defined in a named referenced frame on a reference page, and then included on a body page using a paragraph with a Frame Above or Frame Below setting.