More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Set page labels

Page labels are useful when trying to access a specific page by its printed page number, and they are important when there are discrepancies between the printed page number and the sequential page number used in Acrobat to access pages or display page number. Page labels are displayed in the status bar (in front of the page number), in the Page ("thumbnails") panel. The Print and Go To Page dialog boxes also support page labels.

Page labels can be defined manually in Acrobat, but this operation has to be repeated whenever the PDF is re-created.

If your FrameMaker books have roman-numbered front-matter, followed by sequential page numbering, converted to a single PDF, you can insert the ~PageLabelRomanFM shortcut once in the first page of the first chapter ("page 1"), and page labels reflecting the actual page number will be added automatically every time you distill.


  • When page numbering is chapter-based and the book is converted to a single PDF, PageLabeler (FrameMaker plug-in) is recommended.
  • In Acrobat/Reader, the "Use logical page numbers" preference has to be turned on for page labels to be displayed (Edit > Preferences, "Page Display"; turned on by default).