More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Include pre-defined search queries through bookmarks or links

Pre-defined searches (implemented through bookmarks or links) can help readers who are less familiar with the subject matter, or just save typing. Searches can be expanded in the background to include related terms or synonyms. The scope of the search can be limited to the current document (Acrobat/Reader 6 or higher) or apply to a document collection indexed beforehand (all Acrobat/Reader versions, not applicable to web-based PDFs). Search phrases may also be selected from drop-down menus.

Using the standard ~JSBmk shortcut, pre-defined searches can be created individually. With TimeSavers and the custom Search shortcut, a group of bookmarks for different searches is created in one operation, and placed under a specified title (expanded when clicked), with a special symbol at the beginning to make these visually distinct (in addition to color/font specification).