More Ways to Improve Your PDFs with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers/Assistants

Make bookmark text easy to identify

The bookmark pane is relatively small and often not wide enough to display complete headings. Therefore, the more meaningful text can be displayed in this limited space, the better.

You can shorten or omit insignificant or non-unique text at the beginning of the bookmark (such as The, Chapter, Appendix). For example, Chapter 3: Scanning can be changed to 3: Scanning and Appendix B: Headers & Libraries can be changed to B: Headers & Libraries). This can be done automatically with the Remove redundant bookmark start and Change bookmark start functions (Bmk Start tab).

The Remove paragraph numbering function (Bmk Functions tab) makes it easy to strip heading numbers from bookmark text -- because multi-level numbering, particularly in lower-level bookmarks (which have more digits and less space due to indentation), may use a significant part of the bookmark pane.

You may have chapter numbers set up as separate paragraphs, required by your document design. In this case you will either have separate bookmarks for chapter numbers, or forego the chapter number -- neither of which is desired. The Merge separate number + title bookmarks function (Bmk Functions tab) will automatically merge the chapter bookmark with the following title bookmark, so that instead of two separate bookmarks, one saying "3" (or "Chapter 3") and the next one saying "Ensuring Consistent Color", you have "3: Ensuring Consistent Color".